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The Iranian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding (IJGPB) is an international peer-reviewed journal published under the auspices of the Imam Khomeini International University and Iranian Biotechnology Society, Islamic Republic of Iran. IJGPB is an open access journal.

Agricultural biotechnology and plant breeding departments of  imam Khomeini international university (IKIU), have jointly initiated publishing a scientific grade journal, IJGPB, affirmed by the ministry of science, research and technology, twoards providing a bed for the publication of research achivements and experiences of the university staff and research centres of the country. This journal is published semi-annually in English,  in cooperation with the biotechnology society of iran. accepts articles related to the subject of the journal and research studies in plant breeding , genetics and agricultural biotechnology fields.




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Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1 - Serial Number 19, April 2021, Pages 1-143 

Selection of ideal castor genotypes for production of food condiment (Ogiri) in Nigeria

Pages 59-77


Bolaji Zuluqurineen Salihu; Christiana Oreoluwa Oke; Bernard Oddy Ehirim; Dickson Junior Nwosu; Opeyemi Saheed Kolawole; Obukohwo Benson Apuyor; Maryam Alfa Kabaraini; Sunkanmi Tokunbo Gbadeyan; Adija Abolore Ajadi; Mohammed Sani Salahu; Oluwagbenga Foluso Foluso Ajaye; Obasola Babatunde Olaniyan; Attahiru Muhammad Tanimu

Analysis efficiency of Iranian Ajowan ecotypes on hairy root production mediated by different Agrobacterium rhizogenesis strains

Pages 117-127


Narges Moradi; Seyed Ahmad Sadat Noori; Ali Fadavi; Seyed Mohammad Mahdi mortazavian; Ali Pakdin Parizi

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